We are happy to serve your company

Happy to Serve

Happy to Serve can generate high volumes of customers for companies like yours. At Happy to Serve we service any country and a wide variety of businesses. Our international office will provide you with a personal touch and helpful assistance.

The coordinated removals program has been developed to fit your needs and provide ease during your removal. The program is designed to meet your expectations of the removal and is at no cost to you. Acting as your Service Coordinator, we will set up your removal with only the finest removal companies within our network, making your removal a pleasant experience.

We are happy to serve your company

Happy to Serve: 100% free, 100% guarantee, 100% stress free

  • Happy to Serve will guarantee your removal 100%
  • Happy to Serve makes your removal simple and hassle free
  • Happy to Serve is here to minimize your stress during your transition

Happy to Serve

How it works


On a monthly basis, we receives requests from over 40,000 individuals relocating across the globe. In efforts to better serve this population, we have developed a user friendly, stress free program for our requestors.

Why use this service

We offer you security, quality and efficiency.

  • Security - The removal company is paid by us. Final payment is only released when you say!
  • Quality - ur staff has over 10 years of experience. We have over 6000 customers and have chosen the best to work with Happy to Serve.
  • Efficiency - Our Service coordinator has direct contact with removal companies. We schedule appointments, surveys and assist in resolving any potential issues.


We have collected the reviews of hundreds of customers via trustpilot.com

Exactly what I needed
I thought organising this move would be a real hassle but now I can see that it will be easy.

Joanna Foo, Brisbane

Happy to Serve

We close it for you

Let Happy To Serve, service you. We strive to help you succeed. Our main goal is to act as your marketing and sales team. We allow you to focus on your core competencies. If you allow us, we will pre-qualify, set appointments and coordinate your services. Our business development experts will work for you.

Happy to Serve

You close it yourself

Real time

Happy To Serve has a team of marketing experts. We focus on targeting consumers that fit your companies industry and market. Our traffic specialists and affiliate partners allow us to deliver customers seeking your services directly to your door. For a fraction of the costs, we can target specific areas, consumers and industries that you service. We will deliver these customers directly to you on a real time basis.

Happy to Serve


Join our affiliate program and boost your business!

Happy to Serve makes it easy for people to find the service they are looking for around the world. One of the many ways to service our audience is through our partners. This can be done in various ways such as hosting our affiliate solution on your website. When customers use one of our forms on your website this will result in a request. We pay our partners a very lucrative fee for each conversion. Our CPA commission can go up to 20 euro per request!


  • Make (more) money with your website
  • Better pay offs than text or display ads
  • Style it to the looks of your website
  • Added value to your website

How it works

  • Request via the link below
  • We will contact you within 24 hours
  • Easily place the module on your website
  • Start earning money!

Personal service

At Happy to Serve we believe in building strong and long lasting relationships with our partners. We will provide you with;

  • A personal account manager
  • Customized modules
  • Customized banners
  • Daily reports

Happy to Serve

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  • USA: +16 195 00 14 40
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